Pegasus Hotel Guyana Supports Archery Guyana

The GSSF in collaboration with World Archery Americas will be hosting its inaugural archery development seminar in Georgetown, which will be conducted by international archer/coach Mr. Diego Torres of Columbia. Last Friday, Ms. Susan Isaacs, General Manager of Pegasus Hotel Guyana, at a simple hand-over ceremony held at the hotel, pledged its commitment to the support of Archery Guyana.

Mr. Torres will be hosted in Guyana by the GSSF for a period of 10 days in August 2015 to conduct the seminars for members of the Foundation: the focus of which will be archery safety, the fabrication of PVC Bows and the correct form in archery. This will give participants the knowledge as to how to further develop this longstanding Olympic sport by making these low cost bows which will then be used for training and local competitions. Shooting practice sessions will be arranged to ensure that members learn the fundamentals of the sport of Archery early on.

President of the Foundation, Ms. Vidushi Persaud recorded her excitement as to the fast-approaching start of Mr. Torres’ tour, highlighting commitment to the achieving the goals and fulfilling the objectives of the GSSF by facilitating such seminars as related to Sport Shooting. Asst. Secretary/Treasurer, Mr. Ryan McKinnon noted “As always, sport shooting events demand that safety is always the number one priority. The GSSF has an excellent track record in this regard and we intend to do everything that we can to educate new competitors about being safe and about the rules of the specific sport in order to keep that record unblemished.”

In picture below: from right GM Ms. Isaacs hands over sponsorship cheque to Ms. Persaud in the presence of Mr. McKinnon.

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