At the beginning of September 2019, the Queen’s College CXC Graduating Class of 1990-95 rekindled friendships and formed a diverse and dynamic group to plan their Reunion in 2020. This pro-active group of alumni from Queen’s College has since met with the Principal of Queen’s College and started discussions with the overall objective of assisting their alma mater.

Since then, they have collaborated with the Board of Directors of Archery Guyana to plan the Launch of a “Queen’s College Archery Club” with the hope that future Olympians will emanate from their School out of this fast growing and appealing sport.

More recently the Representatives from the year expressed great disappointment having finalised plans with Chairman of the Board, Mr. Alfred Granger, to launch at the auspicious General Assembly to commemorate the 175th Anniversary of the School. To their dismay, Chairmanship was handed over to one Dawn Holder-Alert who also by-passed their contribution and closed the assembly with the school song. This was after alumni took time off from work for an important event to benefit the students of Queen’s College and endured several impromptu additions to the Agenda. Their disappointment was not assuaged by the casual “I forgot” shrug of the shoulder by Mr. Alfred Granger. This sort of disinterest to what really matters to the future of Queen’s College and the indifference shown from a Chair of a Board of Governors raises serious uneasiness as to the earnestness of those now at the helm. However, the Alumni wishes to commend the Principal Mrs. Jackie Benn for her enthusiasm, knowledge and research of the sport and support for the students of Queen’s College.

Due to the Headteacher’s intervention, as part of the School’s recent 175th Anniversary Celebrations, Archery Guyana collaborated with the Graduating Class of 90-95 and hosted an Archery Booth for students, teachers and alumni to be initiated to the sport on Thursday 31st October, 2019 at the School’s Sports Day on the Field. The venture was a success.

This new sport attracted a large crowd of very eager potential archers who tried their skills at shooting the bow, many of whom immediately wanted more information on when they might start practicing the sport regularly.

Most of the students got a chance to use the bows provided, and some even hit a few 10 rings (bullseyes). This natural talent was noted by the Archery Guyana representatives on the field.

The students were also treated to a demonstration of Olympic archery by Archery Guyana coach Anand Mangra, using his equipment and explaining parts of the process of how it’s done, which further awed the QC students.

QC Principal, Mrs. Jackie Ralph-Benn was also excited to try her hand at archery.

Some of the QC students trying archery

Principal of Queen’s College, Mrs. Jackie Ralph-Benn trying the sport under the guidance of Head Coach, Mr. Nicholas Hing

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