Archery Guyana certifies first batch of National Archery Judges

Archery Guyana congratulates the recent graduates of the Inaugural Online Archery Judges Seminar   hosted by Archery Guyana in collaboration with World Archery (the International Governing Body for Archery) to train National Archery Judges.

This training seminar offered a unique opportunity to the eleven Guyanese participants who together with over 200 persons within the Americas who attended this Training Seminar to develop a new skill set. They are now uniquely placed to assist with the advancement and development of the discipline in Guyana. National Judges are held in high esteem and depending on their personal commitment this can also open a pathway into becoming a Regional Archery Judge on the WAA (World Archery America’s) and possibly an International Judge on WA (World Archery) roster of Judges. This therefore has the possibility of providing a very meaningful experience for the dedicated and diligent Judge.

In this regard, the Secretary-General of Archery Guyana, Mrs. Vidushi Persaud-McKinnon, congratulated all participants for successfully completing the Course and expressed great delight in the next step and what this means for Guyana moving forward with the hosting of National, Regional and International Competitions.

She expressed congratulations to the following 5 certified National Archery Judges:

  1. Mr. Mohamed Khan
  2. Mr. Robert Singh
  3. Dr. Ricardo Stuart
  4. Mr. Ryan McKinnon
  5. Mr. Nicholas Hing

She expressed further congratulations to the following 5 certified National Judge Candidates:

  1. Ms. Mala Mahadeo
  2. Ms. Elizabeth Mason
  3. Mr. Samuel Arjoon
  4. Ms. Samira Duncan
  5. Ms. Audia Moe

In photo below: 2020 National Archery Judges

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