Archery Guyana members continue representation at the 11th Stage of International Remote Archery Competition

As ninety-three archers from twenty countries competed in yesterday’s 11th stage of the international remote archery competition in the 60X ISOL remote shoot competition and in keeping with the WHO COVID-19 measures, Archery Guyana’s number of competing archers is increasing and they are showing resilience and adaptation to this growing sport as evidenced on Sunday 14th June, 2020.

Competitor Robert Singh scored 539/720 placing him 7th of 15 in the 30 meters recurve bow category. Newcomer Samira Duncan recorded 379/720 and placed 2nd of 2 in the 25 meter recurve category.

Winnette Lawrence with a score of 642/720 and placed 9th of 13 in the compound bow category .

Mr. Singh reiterated that at this standard of the International competition he needs to improve his ability to have consistent high scores but nevertheless he enjoyed to continue and benefit from this level of competition.

Samira Duncan had this to say about her 1st time experience: “I participated in my first international competition online and I was not prepared for the level of those in other countries. I know that I shoot well but my skills were not as great as those who participated in the competition. It gave me a preview of how much I need to improve to compete at international levels giving me the motivation to improve my skills way more for the next time and I will definitely do better in the next competition.”

As previously mentioned, registration is done online and athletes choose which session and division they would shoot. Scaled-down target faces are used to suit the specified distances for those shooting from home with limited space. Equipment inspection is done by taking a photo of bow and arrows, as well as target faces and sent online. A QR code is then sent for archers to log in and send scores after every end along with pictures of arrows in target for scoring.

The competition continues next Sunday, June 21, 2020 with Stage 12, as Archery Guyana urges its archers with access to ranges or home facilities to participate.

All archers are mandated to observe their National health and safety requirements and the PAHO/WHO guidelines for prevention of COVID-19.

In pictures below: Robert Singh

Winette Lawrence preparing to shoot:

Samira Duncan taking aim:

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