Archery Guyana Represented At The BOA Independence Invitational Games 2017

On the weekend of November 25-26, 2017 over 20 archers from across the Caribbean gathered in Barbados for the 2nd Annual Barbados Olympic Association’s Independence Invitational Games. The tournament was hosted by the Barbados Olympic Association (BOA) in association with national sporting Foundations to commemorate Barbados’ 50th Anniversary of Independence at two different locations: Coverlet Terrace, Bridgetown, and Codrington College, St. John, Barbados. Teams competing were from Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, Martinique, Guadeloupe and Guyana.

Guyana was represented in its first regional Archery tournament by Archery Guyana’s member: Mr. Dwayne Grovesnor.

Competitors shot over 3000 arrows throughout the event, in both recurve and compound men and women categories. The tournament commenced with 12 rounds consisting of 6 arrows in each round during heavy rainfall and the unpredictable wind conditions.

At the end of the first day, Guyana’s Grovesnor and Trinidadian Lallo were the only two not securing a bye thereby having to compete against each other.  Their set wound up to a score of 5 all which then called for an exciting one arrow shoot off. Guyana shot a 9 which meant that Trinidad needed a 10 to take their specific match but luckily for Guyana, he did not secure this so Guyana moved forward to face Martinique.

Unfortunately however, Guyana’s Grovesnor was unable to secure a win against Martinique to join Trinidad in the Finals.

(MTQ) 6 (24, 24, and 25)

(GUY)  0 (7, 12, and 23)

The exciting Finals on Sunday was between TTO vs. MTQ for the gold and silver. Bronze Medal was to the victor between GUY vs. BAR.

Guyana started off leading in the first set but the Bajans came back to tie at 2. After a cat and mouse game, with scores being levelled after every round, the scores reached 4. Regrettably, in the final set Barbados took the set and therefore winning the Bronze Medal by one point.

Martinque emerged the Gold medalists.

(GUY) 4 (21,21,17,22,21)    (BAR) 6 (20,26,27,18.22)

(MTQ) 6 (24,24,25)               (TTO) 0 (15,18 ,15)

Photos below:

Archery Guyana’s Dwayne Grovesnor on far left.

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