Archery Guyana returns to St. Ignatius village to conduct training exercise  

Archery Guyana sets up base in Region 9.

In a recently concluded successful event, Archery Guyana met with the Toshao and Village Councillors of St. Ignatius village to continue to develop archery training for residents of St. Ignatius and Lethem.

Key representative and trainer for Archery Guyana, Mr. Robert Singh met with Toshao Mr. Wilson Laurentino, Deputy Toshao Mr. Allan Ambrose, Councillors: Ms. Sherry Fredrick, Mr. Roldon Welcome, Mr Jonathan Joseph and Mr.  Moris Campion to discuss the new initiative.


Archery Guyana provided the village with targets, stands and equipment for training sessions

Coach Robert Singh assisted by Coach Shunette Thompson also demonstrated the shooting techniques using soft rubbers. Participants were trained from St Ignatius and Lethem on the different types the archery equipment, safety rules in archery, shooting stance positioning and much more at Wilson Laurentino’s sport ground in St. Ignatius Village, Region 9 on Sunday the 1 July 2022 from 14:00 – 17:30hrs.

The persons who participated in two hours training exercise are as follow:

  1. TED JUAN             18 years
  2. JAD JUAN.           16 years
  4. BERT PAUL.         17 years
  5. WAIDAN HERNANDEZ 18 years
  6. Rea Juan. 15 years
  7. Ethan lennan 16 years
  8. Renaldo kishun. 17 years
  9. Junior Martin  17 years
  10. Alicock Juan. 39 years
  11. Ryan Gittens. 17 years

With this new venture, Archery Guyana will be providing trainings on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays at 15:00 – 17:00hrs at the Wilson Laurentino’s sport ground.

The council was very happy and supportive as this is the initiative continues to develop in the Region and will see the involvement of youths to learn and participate in archery in a more formalised manner. This will also provide opportunity to compete in local and international competitions in the future.


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