Archery Guyana’s New Board of Directors Elected after 2018 Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of Archery Guyana Inc. was successfully held at the National Resource Centre, Woolford Avenue, Tuesday 11th September, 2018 where members were given an opportunity to discuss the activities and plans for the way forward to promote the Olympic sport of Archery in Guyana.

At the AGM, Mrs. Vidushi Persaud-McKinnon delivered a comprehensive Report to the membership, giving a brief background from its establishment in August 2014 to the end of the reporting period of 30th August, 2018.

She reported on the status of the new website, membership, the World Archery Level 1 Coach Training Course which was deemed a historic success with participation from Regions 1, 4, 7, 8 and 9. Nineteen (19) participants duly completed and were awarded Certificates and have since returned to their various Regions to commence Coaching so as to start the next phase to move Archery to a National Sport in Guyana. Mrs. Persaud-McKinnon also reflected on the exciting news in May this year at the Official Opening Ceremony when Director of Sport Mr. Christopher Jones announced that discussions were being held surrounding the inclusion of Archery in the annual National School Championship and as such, coordinating and collaborating with Archery Guyana to ensure this programme happens is part of the National Sports Commission’s works programme. It was further reported that Archery Guyana has since submitted a list of schools where  various certified coaches have been working with and their contact details to the NSC.

International events were also reported on such as the recent World Archery Americas’ General Assembly 2018 at which Guyana was for the first time represented at in Medellin, Colombia on August 18, 2018. Mrs. Persaud-McKinnon went on to report that Mr. Nicholas Hing recently returned from an Archery Training Camp and Coaching Seminar funded by Pan Am Sports, and coordinated by World Archery Americas in collaboration with the Colombian Olympic Committee in Medellin, Colombia. The Camp and Seminar, which followed on the heels of the World Archery Americas General Assembly and the conclusion of the Pan American and Parapan Championships, was conducted by top level experts in various fields of the sport, and attended by a total of 32 archers and 39 coaches from 22 countries. This training camp and seminar was a boost for Archery Guyana’s development programme.

Indoor and outdoor practice sessions was reported on as continuing with the kind permission of the NSC and the Ministry at the National Gymnasium, Mandela Avenue and at the Carifesta Sports Complex Ground, Carifesta Avenue.

Collaboration with International Bodies was reported on such as World Archery where Archery Guyana was shortlisted as eligible to receive level 1 equipment donations from WA and have since received a Level 1 Kit. Collaboration continues also with World Archery Americas where local activities continue to be published in the monthly bulletins which are shared internationally. This year Archery Guyana also received donations from Easton and Hoyt of some equipment to assist with its development work through the representations of World Archery.

Heritage Games Archery Tournament:  Archery Guyana for the past 3 years proudly hosted the national archery competition for the Ministry of Indigenous Affairs’ Heritage Games during Heritage Month in September. This year it was reported that Archery Guyana was again invited to do so September 22-23 with the usual 2-day tournament with participants from indigenous communities, and members of the general public. The Heritage Games will take the usual barebow format to remain traditional in keeping with the heritage celebrations and will feature this year an Olympic Recurve Bow Display by the duly certified coaches from the regions.

It is also envisaged that Archery Guyana will soon start a Para-Archery Programme. This is an area Archery Guyana will explore to ensure that all persons with disabilities are also given an opportunity to participate in an Olympic sport.

Fundraisers:  Archery Guyana from time to time seeks to host Fundraising events. For the past 2 years Archery Guyana assisted with the Archery Fundraiser at St Joseph Mercy Hospital Christmas Fair. On the last occasion, our entire proceeds were donated to assist with the building of a Home for the Elderly.

NSC – National Sports Commission – The National Sports Commission has been very supportive of Archery Guyana in so many ways with access to the various sporting facilities.

The Elections for the new Board of Directors then commenced under the duly elected Returning Officer, Attorney-at-Law and Honorary Counsul to Japan, Mr. Kashir Khan, who officially released the following information after the democratic and transparent electoral process in the presence of an independent observer from the National Sports Commission, Mr. Seon Erskine. Members had to cast a secret vote for the position of Treasurer with two strong contenders in a close vote: Mr. Robert Singh and Mr. Nicholas Hing.

Members of the Board of Executives elected to serve for the period 2018-2022 are:

President                                                            Mr. Mohamed Khan

Secretary-General                                           Mrs. Vidushi Persaud-McKinnon

Treasurer                                                            Mr. Nicholas Hing

Sincere gratitude were expressed to the various persons who assisted in one way or the other for 2018: The Honourable Minister George Norton, Minister of Social Cohesion, Director of Sport, Mr. Christopher Jones, National Sports Commission, President of the GSSF, Mr. Ryan McKinnon, Infotrans Guyana Inc, Neutrino Inc., Mr. Julius Simon, Commissioner General Mr. Godfrey Statia, the Guyana Revenue Authority, Mr. Harryram Parmesar, Parmesar Accounting Firm, Members and the Board of the Guyana Sport Shooting Foundation, Demerara Distillers Ltd, Mr. Shameer Mohamed, the Management of Ocean Spray Hotel, Mr. Mark Singh, the Management of Carib Foods, Demerara Distillers Limited, Mr. Ramesh Ghir, Guyana Tourism Authority, Dr. Pravesh Harry, Mr. Balkarran Sukhu, Riverview Welding and Marine Supplies, Mr. Robert Singh, Mr. L.P. Shivraj, Massy Industries, New GPC Inc., Guyana Times, Mr. Ray Beharry, members of Archery Guyana and the media.

The Financial Report was presented to the membership and duly approved. Two Motions were unanimously passed to retain External Auditor, Mr. Harryram Parmesar from the Parmesar Audit Firm and to adopt the Amended Constitution.

In picture below: Newly elected President of Archery Guyana giving a passionate commitment to the Membership flanked on his left by Mrs. Vidushi Persaud-McKinnon and on his right, Mr. Nicholas Hing.)

(In picture below: Newly elected Board of Directors seated pose with some of the Attendees at the AGM 2018.)


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