Exciting start to National Indoor Archery Championships 2022

The 2022 National Indoor Archery Championships shot off on Monday 7th November at the National Gymnasium with lots of excitement. The competition is being contested by more clubs this year since the 2 newest clubs to be officially associated with the federation, The Archery Guild and ProArchers Guyana along with School of the Nations’ Nations Archery Club have increased the numbers for a more exciting tournament.

The ranking rounds for the Barebow Division were completed on Monday with the Men U18, Women U18 and Women, and Tuesday with the Men, all vying for the top spots.

The next Round will be in the Recurve Division which will run off on Thursday at 5pm at the same venue.

This will see all categories shooting; Women U18, Women, Men U18, Men, while on Friday the elimination matches for the Men & Women barebow, Men U18 & Women U18 Barebow, and Men Recurve will take place.

Finals for all Divisions will be on Saturday from 1:00pm. Below are the ranking scores from the first 2 days of competition:

Ranking scores and places

Monday 7th November

Men Barebow U-18

  1. Christian Craigen 371
  2. Alistair Cedarry 225
  3. Antuwan Lamazon 197
  4. Nicholas Sukdeo 174
  5. Luzigue Stanley   76


Women Barebow U-18

  1. Malaika Bynoe 188
  2. Khatiffa Fraser 175
  3. Stephanie McTurk   86
  4. Amara Nandan   65


Women Barebow

  1. Roshini Boodhoo 269
  2. Tifanny Ramdayal 205
  3. Harshita Chatterjee 153
  4. Karin Toppin 149
  5. Bibi Saleema Salim 148
  6. Onica Jones-Alleyne 144
  7. Julie-Ann Williams 143


Tuesday 8th November

Men Barebow

  1. Jeewanram Persaud 594
  2. Mehandra Chatargum 511
  3. Vishal Manbode 476
  4. Muhammad Zamaluddin 476
  5. Sean Duncan 388
  6. Nicholas Hing 361
  7. Saeed Karim 344
  8. Naresh Sukhu 298
  9. Shayne Pearson 292
  10. Fabian Ramdatt 163
  11. Afzal Karim 150
  12. Courtlee Rodrigues 132
  13. Kenrick Cheeks 121
  14. Anil Balram 104
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