G.S.S.F./Archery Guyana Commemorates Olympic Day 2016

The Guyana Sport Shooting Foundation/Archery Guyana on Thursday, June 23, 2016 successfully hosted its Inaugural Olympic Day Indoor Archery Competition at the National Gymnasium, Mandela Avenue in observance of Olympic Day on the same day as is customary worldwide by sporting organisations.

In his Opening Remarks, everyone present was welcomed by Chairman of the Archery Committee, Mr. Nicholas Hing. The appointed Director of Shooting for the Competition, Mr. Ryan McKinnon then advised of the strict safety rules which are a standard of the World Archery and its affiliated organisations. The GSSF is an affiliate of WA and aims to uphold its standards and rules at all times.

The competitors utilised the Foundation’s PVC Olympic styled Target Archery bows. The Indoor Target Archery Competition was held under the strict Rules of World Archery. Targets used were the World Archery approved 40cm targets and shot from 9m which is half the distance of the Olympic Indoor Target Archery competitions. The Competition attracted spectators who saw 8 archers in both the Men’s and Ladies categories, Recurve Division, vying for the top 3 spots.

Since there was limited time at the venue, The Competition comprised of one ‘end’ (6 arrows). Shooting began at approximately 5:30pm after the competitors were warmed up and adjusted their bow sight alignments.

Shooting was done in pairs, the first pair being Liddon Kellman and Michael Abrams, the second pair – Vidushi Persaud-McKinnon and Sean Duncan, the third pair – Sarah Piggott and Nicholas Hing, and the final pair – Narda Mohamed and Anand Mangra. Points were tallied after all archers had shot their ends. The ladies points were: Persaud-Mckinnon – 6, Mohamed – 10 and Piggott – 21, while the men’s points were: Duncan – 6, Kellman – 13, Mangra – 19, Abrams & Hing – 26 The Director of Shooting then announced that there was a tie between Abrams and Hing in the male division and a tie breaker was held, after which Hing emerged the winner with 49 points total.

A small presentation ceremony was held afterward to award the medals to the winners. Presenting the medals to the Ladies was Archery Committee Chairman, Nicholas Hing. The bronze medal went to Vidushi Persaud-McKinnon, Silver went to Narda Mohamed and Gold to Sarah Piggott. Presenting the medals to the men was GSSF President, Vidushi Persaud-Mckinnon. The Bronze went to Anand Mangra, Silver to Mike Abrams and gold to Nicholas Hing.

The Guyana Sport Shooting Foundation/Archery Guyana wishes again to thank the National Sports Commission for its use of the National Gymnasium as a training Facility for the Foundation’s Indoor Archery programme.

In Photo Below: Participants and Director of Shooting at GSSF’s Inaugural Olympic Day Indoor Target Archery Competition 2016

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