GSSF/Archery Guyana Benefits From More Archery Expertise

The Guyana Sport Shooting Foundation / Archery Guyana recently collaborated with Mr. John Annel of the Barbados Archery Association(B.A.A.) who visited Guyana for a short period. Mr. Annel, who is a member athlete of World Archery Barbados and past-President of the B.A.A. and Level 2 Coach was very happy to share his archery expertise with the members of Archery Guyana, in order to help raise the standard in Guyana.

He was welcomed by Archery Guyana’s Task Force Chairman Mr. Nicholas Hing and committee members at a Meeting at the Sleep-In Hotel, after which he presented the Club with an archery training DVD and tools to further the development of Archery Training Programmes here in Guyana.

He subsequently held sessions with other members at 2 training sessions (one indoor session at National Gymnasium and one outdoor session at Carifesta Sports Complex Ground), where he assessed each member individually on various aspects of form or technique that the/she needed to improve upon. He was excited to try out GSSF/Archery Guyana’s member-made pvc training bows, which he had never seen or used before and was duly impressed.

The Foundation wishes to thank Mr. Annel and its sister Caribbean association for the support rendered and for helping Guyana develop this Olympic sport’s training and developmental programme.

Photo 1: Mr. John Annel hands over training material to Chairman Mr. Nicholas Hing in the presence of President Mrs. Vidushi Persaud-McKinnon and other Committee members: Michael Abrams, Sean Duncan and Anand Mangra.

Photo 2: Mr. John Annel giving Archery technique tips to members at the National Gymnasium


Photo 3 : Mr. John Annel using GSSF/Archery Guyana’s PVC Bows at the Carifesta Sports Comples Ground

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