Guyana continues to represent at International Remote Archery Competition

Continuing in the 60X ISOL Remote Shoot Competition, Guyana fielded three archers last Sunday, June 7 in the 10th stage of this novel virtual competition.

With the focus on maintaining fitness and competitiveness during the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic lockdown and quarantine measures, all athletes are required to maintain the strict safety guidelines while competing, either from home or other venues.

Competing on the 30m categories, Winnette Lawrence and Robert Singh were joined by Nicholas Hing, with Ms Lawrence in the Compound Division and Singh and Hing in the Recurve Division. Both comprising 2 sessions of 36 arrows each.

Singh on his second venture at this competition scored 564/720 and placed 5th in a group of 8 archers, and Hing in his first, scored 450/720 placing 8th.  Singh commented that his scores improved compared with the last stage(9). This improvement he attributed to continued focus and the competitive atmosphere of the tournament. he also said that he is using this experience to improve on his consistency in scoring in his ends thus improving on his overall scores.

Lawrence on her third venture in this competition scored 662/720 placing 9th in a group of 15 archers.

As previously mentioned, registration is done online and athletes choose which session and division they would shoot. Scaled-down target faces are used to suit the specified distances for those shooting from home with limited space. Equipment inspection is done by taking a photo of bow and arrows, as well as target faces and sent online. A QR code is then sent for archers to log in and send scores after every end along with pictures of arrows in target for scoring.

The competition continues next Sunday, June 14 with stage 11, as Archery Guyana urges archers with access to ranges or home facilities to participate.

All archers are mandated to observe their National health and safety requirements and the PAHO/WHO guidelines for prevention of COVID-19.

Caption: Archers Robert Singh and Nicholas Hing shooting at 30 metres in Stage 10 of last Sunday’s 60x ISOL Remote Shoot

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