Guyanese SHEREEDA YUSUF wins WAA’s Gender Equity Committee’s Logo Competition

The World Archery Americas’ Gender Equity Committee commemorated the International Women’s Day 2021 by launching their ‘Logo Competition” which received a large number of entries from across the Americas.

The Panel commended the participants for their creativity and beautiful submissions and as Mrs. Vidushi Persaud-McKinnon the Chair of the WAA’s Gender Equity Committee, noted they considered several criteria for the successful Logo for the WAA Gender Equity Committee. These include that it must encompasses promoting Archery as a sport for everyone: men and women in the Americas. Further the Logo design must express equity, archery, inclusion, the Americas all together under one depiction.

In this regard, the Panel unanimously decided upon the winner of what will be the International entity’s future Logo which uses similar colours of WAA to show the linkage. The winning logo easily met all  the Criteria. It is composed of a map of the Americas overlayed by lay a circular design of four arrows and bow to depicting  the diversity but oneness in the Americas. There is a tiny hand-print in multi-colour as a dot on the “i” to not just add artistic flare but to demonstate that everyone is entitled and treated the same regardless origin, race, creed ethnicity or personnal circumstance : reiterating the theme we are one:

WAA Gender Equity Committee proudly announced that the winner of the Logo Competition is Ms. Shereeda Yusuf from Guyana who was thereby awarded bragging rights for what will become a familiar Logo to be used across the Americas! In addition, a presentation will be made to her from World Archery Americas of US$100.00 monetary prize.

Upon receiving the great news Ms. Yusuf indicated she was “shocked and happy” that her humble effort was so well received. President of Archery Guyana, Mr. Mohamed Khan expressed delight at this news stating that he is enthused at the women putting Guyana on the world stage and extended congratulations to Ms. Yusuf.

In Photo: Proud Shereeda Yusuf: Winner of the WAA Gender Equity Committee’s Logo Competition

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