Heritage Games 2015 Collaboration With GSSF Archery Guyana Encouraging

Following the recent launch of Archery Guyana by the Guyana Sport Shooting Foundation, the organisation is extremely happy to be involved in the Heritage Games 2015 held at the National Aquatic Centre, on 20th September, 2015.

President of the Foundation, Ms. Vidushi Persaud expressed her delight and enthusiasm at the collaboration between the organising committee of the Games and Archery Guyana’s team. She expressed her pleasure at working with Mr. Ivan Persaud, the Co-Ordinator of Heritage Games 2015 and President of the Swimming Association to have made the event a success.

The Heritage Games 2015 saw the inauguration of Swimming and Archery as competitive sports for the Indigenous communities, both of which are a part of the life and culture of our first peoples. This was alluded to by both Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo and Junior Minister within the Ministry of Indigenous Affairs, Valerie Garrido-Lowe in their feature addresses to the crowd of competitors and fans who gathered at the National Aquatic Centre at Liliendaal.

The GSSF through its President reiterates its total commitment to the promotion and development of sport and recreation amongst all Guyanese through continued collaboration with the Government, respective Ministries and all sporting organisations.

Also speaking at the Opening Ceremony were Mr. Ivan Persaud, Co-coordinator of the Heritage Games 2015 and Mr. Nicholas Hing, member GSSF/Archery Guyana. This successful collaboration resulted in the first ever target archery competition to showcase how Olympic target archery is done, since the sport of target archery is new to Guyana. Mr. Hing, assisted by fellow member, Mr. Liddon Kellman also had on display their newly-made Olympic-styled PVC target archery bows, complete with the stabilizer system. The design is by Columbian Archer Mr. Diego Torres and the bow was assembled in Guyana. These were on hand for anyone who wished to inspect and test. Notably Prime Minister Nagamootoo stepped forward and took the first shot.

The GSSF, in collaboration with World Archery Americas, recently concluded its inaugural Archery Development Seminar in Georgetown which was also conducted by Mr. Torres. The focus of all of the Foundation’s seminars as to the fabrication of PVC bows and teaching the correct form for target archery is primarily safety. Seminars have been geared to give participants the knowledge as to how to further develop this longstanding Olympic sport by making these low cost bows which are to be used for training and local competitions such as the Heritage Archery Games 2015. Discussions are taking place to have such seminars on a scheduled basis for members of affiliated organisations.

The archery competition saw many eager participants, some of whom had never even used a bow before but were encouraged by the fact that there were trophies to be won. Before the start of the competition, everyone present was advised of the strict safety rules which are a standard of the World Archery and its affiliated organisations.

The enthusiastic archers enjoyed the competition, each shooting 2 rounds at 25meters with locally made indigenous bows and arrows and 2 rounds at 18meters shooting with their own bows and arrows, in both male and female categories. There was only one junior participant who was in the male category.

The Overall Prize Winners

Male category:

1st Place – Roy Persaud 27 pts

2nd Place – Eric Hing 25 pts

3rd Place – Manley Thomas 17 pts

Juniors Category

Michael Hing – 11 pts

Female category:

1st Place – Reneta Thomas 7 pts

2nd Place – Margaret Pearson 5 pts

The Guyana Sport Shooting Foundation, and Archery Guyana expresses thanks to the Ministry of Indigenous Affairs, Minister Sydney Allicock, Junior Minister within the Ministry of Indigenous Affairs, Valerie Garrido-Lowe, Co-Coordinator of Heritage Games 2015 Committee, Mr. Ivan Persaud, Members of the Media, Local Archers, Members of the Guyana Sport Shooting Foundation.

In pics below:

  1. Prize Winners with Heritage Games 2015 Officials and GSSF Members Messrs. Nicholas Hing and Liddon Kellman

  1. Category winners Male and Female.

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