NSC/Archery Guyana’s Independence Indoor Open Shoot 2022 Persaud takes gold in Men’s Recurve & Barebow Duncan and Boodhoo take gold in separate divisions for the Women Youths also walk away with gold medals  

Archery Guyana’s Inaugural Open Competition sponsored by the National Sports Commission came to its climax last Saturday night at the Muslim Youth Organisation (MYO) in the final night of the Barebow Division.

The week-long competition commenced on Monday 23, 2022 with the ranking rounds for the Barebow Division where all participants from Archery Guyana and ‘The Archery Club’ shot to achieve their best scores. Competing were Youth Men category: Antuwan Lamazon; Youth Women category: Amara Nandan; Barebow Women category: Lisa Khan, Roshini Boodhoo and Tifanny Ramdayal; and in the Barebow Men were Sean Duncan, Jeewanram Persaud, Saeed Karim, Fabian Ramdatt and Kenrick Cheeks.

The youths, Lamazon and Nandan automatically medalled since they were the only ones in their respective categories. For the Women, Lisa Khan came out on top against Roshini Boodhoo followed by Tifanny Ramdayal. And Sean Duncan topped off the Men followed by Persaud, Khan, Ramdatt and Cheeks.

Action continued on Tuesday with the Men and Women Recurve ranking rounds. Sean Duncan again topped the rankings with Jeewanram Persaud just 17 points behind him. Umasankar Madray followed up with Ruel Douglas and Fabian Ramdatt trailing behind. Only 2 Women recurve competitors shot: Samira Duncan who topped the ranking against Roshini Boodhoo.

The excitement resumed on Friday evening with the recurve division match play eliminations and finals beginning with the Women. Going straight to finals were Samira Duncan and Roshini Boodhoo, shooting for 6 set points (set points being 2points per set and first 6 points wins the match). Duncan eventually won the match gaining 6 points before Boodhoo.

In the men’s eliminations matches Sean Duncan gained a Bye straight to the gold medal match from his ranking scores leaving the other men to battle it out to the finals. Persaud beat Karim 6-3 out of 5 sets in Match 1 while Madray beat Ramdatt 6-0 in 3 straight sets in Match 2. Persaud and Madray then battled in the bronze medal match as Persaud defeated Madray in 3 straight sets of 6-0 to go on to the gold medal match against Duncan, as Madray gained bronze.

It was a tense match between Duncan and Persaud with the family and friends cheering them on, but succumbed to the pressure as Persaud eventually gained the upper hand with a 6-2 victory in 4 sets.

On Saturday, the Barebow finals brought the competition to its close with the Women and Men Barebow medal matches. The ladies started off the shooting with Roshini Boodhoo and Tifanny Ramdayal. Boodhoo made quick work of Ramdayal in 3 straight sets to win 6-0 and move on to the gold medal match against Lisa Khan whose ranking points put her through to the gold medal match, but Boodhoo who seemed determined to take the gold, made quick work of Khan with another 3 straight sets of 6-0, leaving Khan with the silver and Ramdayal with bronze.

The men were up next and it was Persaud and Ramdatt in Match 1. Persaud quickly shot a straight 6-point win against Ramdatt, while Karim went up against Cheeks in the 2nd Match also shooting 6 straight points to beat Cheeks, moving on to the bronze medal match against Persaud, but the younger Karim seemed no match for Persaud who beat him 6-0 to go up against Duncan for the gold medal.

The final match was much more exciting as Duncan and Persaud battled it out shooting 5 sets as Duncan took the first set and seemed confident, but then Persaud took the next 2 sets. Duncan then won the 4th but didn’t seem to be in his mental game as Persaud was determined and took the 5th set to gain the first 6 points to win.

The Presentation Ceremony was then hosted, at which time, National Judge Ryan McKinnon announced the winners and gave remarks. Congratulations were expressed on behalf of the Director of Sport, Mr. Steve Ninvalle on the hosting of this inaugural event and all Archers were congratulated for their participation. The Judges for the competition were: Director of Shooting Nicholas Hing, Line Judge Ryan McKinnon and Target Judge Dr Ricardo Stuart.

Archery Guyana wishes to thank the Muslim Youth Organisation for their generosity in the use of their facility, the National Sports Commission for their sponsorship, Guyana Beverages Inc., International Business Services, and all those who came and supported.

Results as follows:

Youth Women Barebow

Gold – Amara Nandan

Youth Men Barebow

Gold – Antuwan Lamazon

Women Recurve

Gold – Samira Duncan

Silver – Roshini Boodhoo

Men Recurve

Gold – Jeewanram Persaud

Silver – Sean Duncan

Bronze – Umasankar Madray

Women Barebow

Gold – Roshini Boodhoo

Silver – Lisa Khan

Bronze – Tifanny Ramdayal

Men Barebow

Gold – Jeewanram Persaud

Silver – Sean Duncan

Bronze – Saeed Karim


(Pictures below)


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