A“Seven Seas” a brand distributed by Massy Distribution which has been around for generations becoming a household name over half a century ago, has reached out to proudly support Archery Guyana and will be exclusively sponsoring an upcoming Indoor Archery Competition at the National Gymnasium.

The Seven Seas products are the culmination of a continuous process of rigorous and intense research and development resulting in natural products known for their excellent quality and high standards in helping families live their TRUEAGE by their range of products built on the science of OMEGA-3.

Seven Seas started with COD LIVER OIL known as that yucky fishy tasting liquid our parents fed to us at a tender age and to establishing a range of essential health products. As we quickly leant the taste was a small price to pay for enhanced hair, skin and nails, reduced joint inflammation and more importantly, brain development. Helping us to look younger, think smarter and be radiant inside out are some of the benefits of using Seven Seas Products.

According to Mrs. Nirvana Thakur, Brand Co-ordinator at the simple handover ceremony at the Massy Distribution Office, D4 Starlite Square, East Coast Demerara, last week, at the end of July 2019 Seven Seas Omega-3 products are essential to enable us to become focused and disciplined, which are qualities necessary for anyone to  achieve success in Life and Sports.

As such Seven Seas sees itself as a natural collaborator with the Sport of Archery. This is especially true given the intense level of stability, precision and concentration required to succeed in the sport. Naturally therefore, Massy Distribution through its Brand Seven Seas look forward to supporting and growing with the Sport of Archery over the years to come.

Thanks were expressed by Mrs. Vidushi Persaud-McKinnon, Secretary-General of Archery Guyana, for Seven Seas collaboration as a competition sponsor. Special Thanks to the Management of Massy Distribution and Seven Seas as we move forward to promote the sport of Archery in Guyana.

Receiving the cheque from Mrs. Nirvana Thakur is Treasurer of Archery Guyana Mr. Nicholas Hing in the presence of Mrs. Vidushi Persaud-McKinnon.

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