The Archery Guild registers under Governing Body, Archery Guyana

Archery Guyana Head Coach Nicholas Hing on Friday 4th November, 2022 presented to Samira Duncan of “The Archery Guild” their official certificate of registration and affiliation.

Ms. Duncan indicated that “The Archery Guild can provide a fun and safe atmosphere for anyone who would like to learn about the sport. They will teach you how to safely practice as well as other areas so that you can fully enjoy and pave the road for your own future, if you wish, in the sport of Archery”.

Archery Guyana is the sole governing body of Archery in Guyana, having been granted affiliate status to World Archery which is the international governing body for the Olympic sport of archery. World Archery has national member associations across the globe to administrate the sport at a local level.

As such, Archery Guyana is pleased to grant affiliate status to The Archery Guild since this brings substantial benefits to club organisations and to club members. Individual members may affiliate separately to Archery Guyana is their club does not wish to affiliate but urges more clubs that have been recently formed to affiliate since this expands participation opportunities for club members.

In photo below: Mr. Nicholas Hing on right presents Certificate of Affiliation to The Archery Guild’s representative, Ms. Samira Duncan.


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