World Archery Barbados Collaborates With Archery Guyana

On Wednesday 11th October, 2017, representatives from World Archery Barbados met with representatives from Archery Guyana to share best practices and discuss future areas of collaboration between the two regional entities, both of which are duly affiliated to the international governing body.

Archery Guyana was invited to participate in the upcoming Barbados Independence Invitational Archery Games. President of Archery Guyana, Mrs. Vidushi Persaud-McKinnon, expressed hope that in the near future Guyana can be part of the Southern Games, which venue rotates every year so very soon, this is an area which will tremendously boost Guyana’s visibility and encourage sports tourism.

President of World Archery Barbados, Mr. Richard Morris spoke on the major developments in Barbados with the Schools Training and Junior Programme and the tremendous support they receive from their National Olympic Committee to ensure that Archery is one of the forward moving sports in Barbados. Mr. Morris together with representative Mr. Ron Field, exchanged pro-tips for working with Juniors with Archery Guyana representatives and shared best practices.

It is also envisaged that Archery Guyana will soon start a Para-Archery Programme. Secretary-General Mr. Nicholas Hing noted that at the recently concluded Indigenous Heritage Archery Games, there was a wheelchair-bound young man who expressed an interest in archery. This is an area Archery Guyana will explore to ensure that all persons with disabilities are also given an opportunity to participate in an Olympic sport.

In pictures below:

  1. President of Archery Guyana, Mrs. Vidushi Persaud-McKinnon receives World Archery Barbados’ Plan and developmental information to assist Guyana from President Mr. Richard Morris. 
  1. Secretary-General of Archery Guyana, Mr. Nicholas Hing, receives a complimentary shirt and cap from Mr. Ron Field of World Archery Barbados

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